Biomimicry: Episode 6

In the deep recesses of the ocean, there are bacteria that could be the key to creating a new, sustainable fuel source. Learning how these little bugs make their own energy might lead to cleaner fuel for the rest of [Read more…]

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Biomimicry: Making Cement The Way Coral Does It: Out Of Thin Air

The creation of cement is an incredibly polluting process, but Stanford scientist Bret Constanz has found a way to mimic the way coral works, by creating cement from CO2 and water.

Biomimicry: Mimicking Squid Skin To Create Perfect Instantaneous Camouflage

Cephalopods have the amazing ability to match their backgrounds almost perfectly, and in seconds. Scientists are just now tapping into that power to give man-made objects the same property, creating a new generation of stealth.

Biomimicry: Jay Harmon Uses Nature's Spiral To Improve Industrial Design

Fans use an enormous amount of the world’s electricity. But Jay Harmon’s spiral-inspired model works like most of the natural world–nearly effortlessly.