Adding iFrames to your WordPress Website and Why You Should

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We are all trying to get the readers to stay on our site for as long as we can.  Let’s be honest, we don’t want to bore them.  Well what if there was a way to add additional content to your WordPress site that keeps the ready both interested and interacted?

Well, fortunately there is and it’s a little snippet of code called iFrames.  You are probably expecting some long drawn out piece of code that takes a college professor to translate; you’re wrong.

In fact here’s the code:

<iframe src=”“width=”400” height=”300” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″hspace=”0″ vspace=”0″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=yes></iframe>

That’s it.  Well, not exactly.  You might be wondering what it means, how to install it, and “show me an example please”.

  1. The first thing that you want to do is go into your WordPress website dashboard and open a new post or a new page.  I recommend page so that you can display them in your primary or secondary navigation header.  Or as a widget on your side bar.
  2. Once you have a new page opened you want to make sure you are in the HTML tab.
  3. Insert the site into the iFrames code that you want to display in your WordPress website, adjust the height and width of the fame to your site and hit publish.  You now have another site streaming into yours.

Can you see how powerful this is? You are able to stream other relevant sites into your WordPress site adding additional content and resources for your readers.

Here are some examples of site that you can stream in for your particular niche:

Oh ya, one more thing.  I did promise some examples.  But before I give the examples I want to remind you to comment and share ;).  Here you go:


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  1. It is pretty cool stuff. Here are a couple of examples where I used iFrames to stream other websites into mine. It’s like they are part of mine.

  2. Awesome post man! i don’t really know about iframes :D. thanks for sharing this post!! i will think about it. well i guess its awesome!! hAVE FUN.

  3. Sam thanks for your nice tip, but i am still not getting it.

  4. This method is great, however, sometime you know, it cause our wordpress blog to slowing down.

  5. Ok i got it. Thanks for your replay.

  6. How does it work within Facebook?

  7. Harlank44 says:

    I read your post on about fb freezing pages with fbml. It isn’t working for me anyway. I click on the tab and the page opens without any way to put the code in.

    How do I access the iframes code and is it similar or different to using HTML. I created my landing page graphic as a jpg file and I want to upload it. Where is the iframe code?

    Also, can I use this to create a tab that will take people who follow URL’s to my welcome tab/page.
    Can I also use the iframe to allow for autoresponder code?
    Finally, if I add the image as a jpeg code in wordpress, can I save it in html and then upload to facebook throught the iframe?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I am not familiar with this stuff. Thank you for your time and help.

    • Those are some good questions.

      First, you can upload an image to WordPress, Hyperlink it to where you want it to go, and then grab the html and insert it into FBML and that will work.

      You can also use iFrames and insert the iFrame code into Facebooks FBML and it will draw from the site that you want it to. You can have your autoresponder code in the website that the iframe is drawing from and that will work. They are basically entering their contact info in on your site but doing it through Facebook.

      The iframe code is:

      That’s it. What is the fanpage that you are looking to work on? Hope this helps.

      • kyle is that safe? you said that anyone that uses fbml for a landing page may be frozen later.

        Also, when I open the fbml tab, the page comes up and there is no box to add the code. How do I add it?

        Then do a search for popcultur-collector on facebook and it should come up.Thank you for your assistance. I tried to ask Jim Rouse of problogger for help. He is too busy to respond for assistance, even though I found most of this info from him originally and that is what got me interested.



        • I’m glad to help. Facebook is moving to only allowing iFrames so it is safe.

          In order to get to the area where you enter the code follow these steps:
          1. When you are on your fan page click on edit page.
          2. Click on Applications
          3. Go to the bottom where it says Static FBML Click Add FBML if you have not already added it or if you have added it click Go to Application.
          4. Change the name of the tab by changing the “box title” and then add the code in the FBML box below and click save changes. That’s it. In order to add another FBML tab click “Add another FBML box” below the “save changes” link.

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